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Marketing effectiveness gains prominence – but is it enough?

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Given that we’re in the midst of the worst cost-of-living crisis in decades, you’d expect marketing teams to be doubling down on the effectiveness of their strategies.

That’s certainly what Marketing Week are pointing to in a new report which reveals that effectiveness is gaining ground on the corporate agenda. For 61.2% of brand-side marketers, the measurement of marketing effectiveness has become a more prominent factor in marketing/business decisions over the past three years.

And yet I’m surprised this number isn’t substantially higher, given the vastly different world we now live in, after the effects of Brexit, Covid and a looming recession. Look at the huge number of martech providers that have sprung up through these challenging years, with the aim of enabling brands to achieve the increasingly elusive effectiveness.

So, where are the heads at of the other 38.8%? Or are they convinced they were already hitting maximum effectiveness?

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