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Life after cookies – an adtech PR agency view

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Adtech PR Agency

It’s fortunate that Google has put off the death of third-party tracking cookies yet again, because we seem to be no closer to finding any clear idea of a replacement.

Google announced that it would be throwing out FLoC – its initial cookie replacement – because there were concerns the tech could make it easier for advertisers to actually gather user information. It’s too early to tell whether Topics, Google’s follow-up, is up to scratch.

As an adtech PR agency, we think it’s time some decisive action was made to get marketers out of limbo.

Perhaps we need to see a more unified stance from the adtech industry? There are of course some compelling – if imperfect – solutions like Unified ID 2.0. But even more could be achieved if adtech firms pooled their resources to provide advertisers and publishers with better solutions for cookie-free.

And, writing as an adtech PR agency founder, this feels like a move that would garner the industry some reputational plus points.

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