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Email marketing stats on the rise - a martech PR agency view

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Martech PR agency

Interesting news from the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) – the body has launched its Email Benchmarking Report 2022 with the headline news that key email metrics improved during 2021. Put it down post-pandemic normality kicking in, but click rates have been on the rise…

Click rates are up to 3% - up from the 2.5% rate seen before that – and delivery rates are back up to pre-pandemic levels too.

As a martech PR agency that works with email marketing companies, this Iooks like promising stuff. But all might not be what it seems. Tim Bond, Director of Insight at the DMA, suggests that the changes might only be taking place because marketers are “optimising campaigns for clicks rather than opens” as a response to the changes brought about by Apple’s ‘Mail Privacy Protection’ (MPP).

It’s always important to look behind the headline stats to find the deeper insights. That’s where great thought leaders like the DMA, great journalists, and great martech PR agency people come in.

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