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Commstech PR agency on why you should use commstech for PR

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Commstech PR agency

Interesting news in PRWeek from PR work

flow automation platform Prowly – they surveyed 200 PR pros globally about their tech preferences and discovered the (perhaps not too startling) news that many PR folk still aren’t taking full advantage of the right tools to increase their efficiency.

Across the world, the most used tools by pros are the generally ubiquitous Google Docs and Microsoft Word… and that’s where it ends for some. More than half still keep media lists in manually updated spreadsheets, and almost a third don’t use any type of media database to find new contacts.

Should we infer that the PR industry is lagging behind other marketing disciplines in its acceptance of tech tools to improve the way things are done? As the director of a commstech PR agency working for tech companies that help PRs, marketers and advertising people to increase their effectiveness and efficiency, that may have been the case – but it is changing.

PR is catching up, and a new generation of agencies that were born and built during lockdown have learnt how tech can fill the gaps. But that’s only a commstech PR agency view…

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