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Carta's new starter

Updated: May 5, 2022

We're very pleased to welcome new team member Nazihah Khanom to Carta Communications. The recent graduate joins us as a Communications Assistant via the Government's Kickstart Scheme. Read a little more about our latest recruit below.

Where are you from originally?


What where you doing before joining Carta Communications?

I recently graduated from SOAS, University of London, where I studied World Philosophies.

Why did you pursue a career Public Relations?

I first became interested in PR during my internship at Edelman where I worked in the

Technology department. I really enjoyed the diversity of the work and learning about the different areas.

What area of Public Relations interests you the most?

I am interested in Tech and Financial PR, with the rise of FinTech’s it has been interesting to see how these sectors have been evolving at such a fast pace.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Reading, knitting and I’m currently learning how to code.

We are happy to have you here, Nazihah, and we hope you get off to a fantastic start!

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