Carta Communications exists to improve the way the world communicates.


Carta lives at the convergence of comms, marketing, and technology. We work with the progressive tech companies and service providers that help PR, marketing and advertising be more effective.

We help them to take the right steps towards market leadership, delivering tangible return on investment, driving sales and company growth.




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We wanted to showcase the reputational insights that the alva platform provides for blue chip companies, via coverage in the national, business and trade press. Right from the outset, Carta Communications gained coverage in The Times, the BBC, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, The Holmes Report, PRWeek and more, by turning alva’s high quality case studies into news stories that resonate.



Carta Communications has helped us to build broader awareness of our video editing platform in the PR industry, by launching a research-led news story which gained us heaps of press coverage in the trade media. They also set up numerous one-to-one prospect meetings with PR agencies and in-house team leaders; helped us to develop relationships with key industry bodies; and set up a roundtable discussion that we chaired, with senior communications people in attendance.



Our aim was to build awareness of Speak Media’s content services across the PR and communications industry. Carta really helped us to do this via one-to-one meetings with agency and in-house prospects, combined with research-led news stories that resonated with the PR trade press. Results of our first few campaigns have been really impressive, and Carta are an absolute pleasure to work with.


The principle behind the Carta Quadrant is Belief: how much does the market currently believe you can meet their needs? We use the Carta Quadrant to scope out the path of Belief to market leadership, by identifying:


  • How far they need to travel to achieve leadership

  • Which audiences they need to connect with to get there

  • What they need to do to create expert status and then build it

We capture the key steps of the Carta Quadrant in our methodology – the Carta Way. This ensures we can deliver tangible return on investment for our clients, driving sales and company growth. It focuses action in three key areas:


  • Creating – or reigniting – momentum

  • Instilling expert status within target audiences

  • Collaboration with target audiences via direct connections

Creating momentum

We enable market leadership by providing the momentum needed to break through barriers. We worked with The AI Journal, a new information hub designed to satisfy the needs of this rapidly emerging market, to help them to be seen as the primary information source of the AI industry. We launched a series of research reports, which helped to get them noticed in the industry, build their subscriber lists, and position themselves as thought leaders.

Expert status

We provide our clients with the tools that they need to become experts in their fields. We worked with video editing platform Binumi Pro, to help them to host a series of expert training sessions on video production techniques to the PR and internal comms industries. We crafted their story to help them connect with PR consultants and create the belief that the tool is all they need to create their own video content.


We create opportunities for direct connections with our clients’ target communities to enable collaboration. We worked with the developers of press release writing app PingGo to create a community of junior PR consultants to act as a beta testing group for the product. By engaging with them at a deep level, the individuals were then able to go on to act as a community of champions of PingGo in their agencies and in the wider PR world.


Insight and expertise

We take out the risk and leave nothing to chance.


We do this by ensuring that everything is driven by insights, be it into our client’s existing services, their content and communications, their target market, or their competitors. This helps us to identify the triggers that will help you to achieve market leadership.


We combine this with our expert knowledge of the industry: we have been industry thought leaders, agency heads and in-house comms directors. The depth of our industry knowledge is unparalleled.

Connection and collaboration

We connect directly to your target audiences. Once we have identified the target audiences of our clients, we look for the most efficient way to achieve lasting and meaningful connections with them.


And we draw on proven neuroscience and social psychology to provide opportunities for collaboration with communities to achieve sustained results.  


Matt Cartmell

Founder and Director

Matt gained his understanding of the PR and communications industry as News Editor of PRWeek for five years, and as Deputy Director General of the PRCA for a further seven years. He knows this market better than anyone else.


What he discovered during his time in those roles is that there is a section of the communications industry that actively embraces progress – such companies want to have a stake in shaping the future; they want to contribute towards improving the way that the world communicates. Carta Communications works with these companies.



Jonathan has over 11 years’ experience across B2B and tech communications campaigns. A real media hound, he has extensive media relations experience across press including national business, marketing and customer experience.


Jonathan has the ability to identify what constitutes a story, giving journalists what they need, and helping brands develop their own narrative that translates to real brand awareness. He is passionate about how brands in the digital era are using technology to get ahead and engage with their consumers.


Sam is a freelance comms professional specialising in the PR, healthcare, and charity sectors.


He has a background in journalism, spending three years as News Editor of PRWeek. In his previous positions at charity sector title Third Sector and recruitment industry magazine Recruiter he covered a range of topics spanning politics, finance, HR, and more.


Sam moved into PR as a Senior Press Officer for public healthcare body NICE in August 2018.


Non-Executive Director –

Marketing & Commercial

Steve is an experienced commercial and marketing specialist with a knowledge in business-to-business marketing, business development, digital advertising and graphic arts.


He has spent the last 18 years developing both UK-based and international associations, most recently as Membership & Commercial Director at PRCA and ICCO. Before these roles, Steve developed the membership proposition for IAB Europe, IAB UK and the CIPR.



Matt Cartmell

Founder and Director,
Carta Communications

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